Thursday, 14 December 2017

[Unboxing] Guess who's back with another Lovely box?

It's the month of giving as Christmas is just around the corner, and if you're still having the trouble of getting gifts for people here I am to help you! Yup, it's another Althea Box review and let me tell you why Althea boxes could be the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Althea Box #31 Lovely Dewy Box

Althea's products are shipped directly from Korea at just clicks away and trust me, the product range is just sooooooo many! Every month they would release 2 types of boxes (so I literally stalk Althea's page every day) and don't even make me mention bout the price! This time round I've got my hands on Althea Box #31 the Lovely Dewy Box! This box comes with 5 full size Korean beauty products in 1 magical price. How magical you ask? For all the 5 products in a box it is only rm110! (It is just soooo worth it I cannot) So let me show you the magical products that cam in Althea's Box #31 the Lovely Dewy box.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

[Review]More Radiant Hair with Aperio Natural

So I've recently had a MAJOR haircut, yea most of you could see that I've cut my hair short, like High school short. I don't have a choice! Cannot tahan already cause of my previously bleached hair( I did it cause it was a show and hey, they were paying goood. lol) But I liked my hair that time cause it just screams me, and now its gone for good cause it was so damanged I didn't know how to handle it anymore. So yea, I cut it ALLLLL away! lol 

I have naturally coarse dry hair and when I had my hair bleached, it got even worse. And now since its all gone, I have to take care of my natural hair . And ever since then I'm asking and surveying around like "hey, whats a good and reasonable priced shampoo right now?" And thanks to Aperio Natural Cherry Blossom Radiance set, I could have well tamed and radiant hair for the festive season!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

[Review] A Taste with The Girls at G hotel's Taste.

My girls and I were fortunate enough to be given the chance to attend G hotel's International buffet dinner at their very own Taste Cafe. G Hotel Gurney is a chic and stylish place, any Penangite would know this well known hotel as it is located just next to Gurney Plaza! For those who are travelling to Penang, seriously this is one of the must stay hotels in Penang cause every corner is spot for OOTD ( lol sorry I'm an Insta addict so everywhere I'll look for an OOTD spot). 

Taste Cafe had their food presented so beautifully with a wide range of variety from local to international dishes that we spent at least half an hour to 45 minutes just to take pictures of the food ( trust me I can't stop my mouth from watering while walking down the food isle). 

Now let me bring you through a scroll of a mouth watering journey( I also cannot tahan my hunger) of what Taste cafe has prepared for the night as us bloggers dine and enjoy some fellowship time. Thanks to Christina Tan (Director of Communications) for spending the time to have a chit chat with us, we definitely had a knowledgeable conversation and also not forget our lovely Annie Wong (Assistant Marcom Manager) for her kind invitation, or else we wouldn't have been able to spend our lovely evening dinner with other awesome people. Here's what they had on the menu for their International Buffet Dinner.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

[Review] Mooshi Mooshi Sushi Anyone?

What do you look for when it comes to Japanese cuisines? For me, freshness is the key. The authenticity of how you see in movies the Japanese prepare each dish like it's a masterpiece, well I've got the chance to experience Japanese cuisine during my trip to KL last weekend and I swear after trying Sango Japanese Restaurant’s Japanese food I think I'm only gonna go for authentic ones(like really handmade from scratch by the chef, Not those from packaging and stuff)


Monday, 2 October 2017

Unboxing Althea box like it's Christmas already!

Come on girls just admit it, everything made in Korea won't seem to disappoint us. From the Oppas and Noonas ( yes I had that Kpop phrase but you can't deny everyone would have a lil Kpop in there somewhere lol), till the fashion and almost everything made in Korea is close to perfection we all know that. hahaha

And all thanks to Althea , they're like my Savior cause they ship products all the way from Korea and finally I have my first box with me which is the Althea Box #26 Beauty Lifeguard box!  If you are interested in purchasing, you can click here and trust me you would get stuck for at least hours looking thru products in Althea's official website ( they look like they have everything and the price is shockingly quite affordable!) And here's a lil tip, they have new boxes monthly and the price, the price itself would make your jaw drop! I was lucky enough to get this before it SOLD OUT! (thank God!)