Thursday, 8 February 2018

Plan Your Wedding at The Heart of Penang [PIWE]

When it comes to Penang, many would first mention about how good Penang food is. But did you know? Our beautiful island actually have so much more to offer? Every Penangite should know and be proud of our Penang island and what other gem this place have to offer. From sandy beaches, Unique heritage buildings and also not forgetting the street art that pops up around Georgetown. Tho I'm not born in Penang but I spend almost all my life here so literally I would call myself a Penangite! ( and super proud to be one.yay!) And hey you lovebirds, why go through the hassle of having your wedding elsewhere when you can have it in the heart of Penang? From breezy beaches, historical UNESCO buildings( definitely insta worthy)  to busy streets, the beauty of Penang would make your wedding shoot a spectacular and memorable one.  

Image credits to Louis Lim.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Bedazzle Your Eyes With Horien Eye Secret

When it comes to giving an impression the eyes play a very important role especially that is what people would notice first when they are talking to you. Thanks to Horien Eye Secret, I get to change around my eye colour for this Chinese New Year!

When it comes to lenses, I usually get mine online which everyone should know about cause there are many online stores that are selling but there is just one thing that I dislike about it is that my eyes tend to get dry faster and towards the night the lens feel so dry it's like trying to harden itself to your eyeball( if this make sense lol). Surprisingly, Horien Eye Secret lenses could last longer than those I've purchased online!

Monday, 15 January 2018

[Review] Make your Concept with A:Concept.

So I've pretty much mention this every time when i do a beauty product review ( if you have not, probably you could check it out here, ya know, to get to know more about, is that I'm more of a cushion foundation person than any other type of foundation. Not that I don't like using liquid foundation its just that cushion foundation feels lighter on your skin and also cuts off all the hassle. Of course finding the right cushion foundation is very important especially those concealing and colour correcting steps are removed, what I actually look for in a cushion foundation is that it needs to have good coverage, and also of course does not cause the face to feel oily after a few hours.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Walk In Style This 2018 with Te Chi Chi

We all gotta admit that the white sneaker trend was a huge thing during 2017 and seriously, this style looks clean and it could just go with anything casual you name it. White is the easiest colour to match any OOTD you like but you might just wanna give a lil extra care to maintain your white sneakers clean. WHAT? did you say you can't find affordable white sneakers?? Lucky you, you're on the right place! Te Chi Chi has a wide range of sneakers from those with laces or without, and even slip ons! 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

[Unboxing] Guess who's back with another Lovely box?

It's the month of giving as Christmas is just around the corner, and if you're still having the trouble of getting gifts for people here I am to help you! Yup, it's another Althea Box review and let me tell you why Althea boxes could be the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Althea Box #31 Lovely Dewy Box

Althea's products are shipped directly from Korea at just clicks away and trust me, the product range is just sooooooo many! Every month they would release 2 types of boxes (so I literally stalk Althea's page every day) and don't even make me mention bout the price! This time round I've got my hands on Althea Box #31 the Lovely Dewy Box! This box comes with 5 full size Korean beauty products in 1 magical price. How magical you ask? For all the 5 products in a box it is only rm110! (It is just soooo worth it I cannot) So let me show you the magical products that cam in Althea's Box #31 the Lovely Dewy box.